Inspiratiebron: The egg resembles a planet on which human beings have invented innovated ways to enhance the quality of their lives. However, more complicated problems evolve through the adoption of innovative scientific methods, practices and products and the planet must embrace a new attitude to be saved.

An option could be the return to the traditional soil cultivation methods which don’t negatively affect the soil’s and plant’s DNA thus no nature’s disaster takes place. The planet is endangered and it needs all of our help. 

The Egg resembles a planet in danger. Plants grow out of motherboards. The ice in the poles melt down. The plants and the seeds are altered as time goes by.

My proposal is related to the invention of new methods of cultivation and production in our own gardens, more friendly to the human being. Just like resuming the cultivation of lettuce in our farms.

The cultivation of a garden is necessary today since we have all been cut off from our natural environment and we live in big cities where we are surrounded by mortar and glass. How could we create our own gardens and paradise as a society? How could we coexist in a garden and how each one of us could actually contribute in this effort?

Through the performance, I share small plants grown by biological seeds and I invite you to create our own paradise, our own happiness.

The seeds originate from Greece, they are biological plants, have their own history, they were lucky enough to be cultivated in Eindhoven and symbolize the meaning of sharing the idea of the garden.

Over de maker(s):

She was born in Thessaloniki in 1978. She is living in Eindhoven since two years ago. She studied painting and printmaking at the Athens School of Fine Arts. She holds a Master of Science degree from the department of photography of the Western Attica University. She has participated in many group and international exhibitions in Greece and abroad. She has been awarded prizes for her artwork in Greece and the Netherlands. She has started to write and direct scenarios. Her means to express herself are printmaking installations, video art and performance.  A renowned artist from Greece who believes that the art is important in our lives. Always strives to make the difference in life and in the arts. Experienced in creating different projects with a special design and beauty. Passionate with making art with an artistic approach and love and the creative dialogue between the material, imagination, health and pleasure. Featuring an eye for detail, quality, artistic perspective and innovation. Ability to create different projects with various concepts and combinations.

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